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Editorial 2004: Finally...and Thank You

EDITORIAL | Issue 2004 | Editor: Matthew Wilkinson, University of South Carolina

Published onJan 30, 2004
Editorial 2004: Finally...and Thank You

After a year-and-a-half of planning, IMPULSE has finally been implemented. The last eighteen months have been a busy time for all of the involved parties, including myself. I would first like to thank all of the people who have submitted articles to IMPULSE. Without these, we wouldn't have a journal. I would secondly like to thank all of the peer reviewers and faculty that have supported the staff and me throughout the process. Your continuing patience has been most appreciated. Now to the exciting part. This inaugural issue of IMPULSE is filled with great science. We have two research and two review articles for your perusal. Please feel free to read through the abstracts and download the article at the .pdf link on the bottom of the appropriate page. As you are enjoying the articles, the staff will be behind the scenes working on the next issue. We have already gotten some submissions for the next publication, which will come out in approximately six months. I hope you enjoy IMPULSE and please feel free to contact me with any questions/comments.

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