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Editorial 2006: Welcome, Updates and Improvements

EDITORIAL | Issue 2006 | Editor: Cade Warren | Institution: University of South Carolina

Published onJan 31, 2006
Editorial 2006: Welcome, Updates and Improvements

As IMPULSE enters its third year of existence, it has encountered and overcome many hurdles in its way. With the initial structuring of the journal and subsequent shift from an issue format to rolling publication, a great deal of work has been done to ensure both quality and consistency of the work we publish. As we begin the year 2006, several exciting topics of current research will be covered in the publications to come, including reviews of the ubiquitin-proteasome system and its involvement in neurodegenerative diseases, RNAi and Huntington's disease, and exercise addiction, along with primary research dealing with topics such as alpha-synuclein misfolding and aggregation and implications for treating Parkinson's disease. In the next year, IMPULSE will continue to reach out to the international audience, both for peer reviewers and authors, as well as build a secure foundation for IMPULSE's future. IMPULSE will also benefit tremendously from organizations such as the Society for Neuroscience and others taking notice of the importance of online publishing. One issue IMPULSE is currently trying to address is having our publications backed up on other servers ("dark archiving") to ensure they are not lost at any time. We hope you will continue to visit our website to view the work of neuroscience undergrads and keep informed on the latest developments for our journal.

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