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Editorial 2007: 4th Year: Growth and Success

EDITORIAL | Issue 2007 | Editors: Cade Warren and Ben Goodlett | Institution: University of South Carolina

Published onSep 28, 2007
Editorial 2007: 4th Year: Growth and Success

My involvement at IMPULSE for the past two years has been immensely rewarding, both in the role as Editor-in-Chief, and in my own scientific endeavors. My time with IMPULSE has given me a great deal of experience in critiquing my own work, and it has also furthered my understanding of the neuroscientific methodologies I will be using in the future. In the past two years, IMPULSE has seen a remarkable growth in the number of reviewers we've gained, in the amount of publicity we've experienced at conferences, such as the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, and the number of submissions we've received. We've also changed the direction of IMPULSE to teach up-and-coming researchers on how new aspects of publishing, like open-access publication, operate in a world changed by the Internet. I will be graduating soon, and my successor, Ben Goodlett, will be taking over the reigns of IMPULSE, which will surely see even greater success.

In a short amount of time IMPULSE has seen incredible growth, and this year will certainly continue the trend. Already, IMPULSE has several articles under submission, and I fully expect a busy year of reviewing papers. In addition, this summer our Faculty Advisor, Leslie Sargent Jones, Ph.D, and I will make IMPULSE's first trip overseas to IBRO, in Australia. We hope to increase international participation, and continue to create connections with the international community. Also, our increase in submissions underscores the need for our articles to be backed up (through "dark archiving") so they are never lost. This is coming closer to completion. Finally, members of IMPULSE had the opportunity recently to meet and talk with Dr. Eric Kandel, who won the Nobel Prize in 2000 for his work with Aplysia and memory. Our discussion with Kandel will be posted as an editorial. We hope that this will be the first in a continuing series of editorials dealing with neuroscience and publication. This year certainly holds promise, and I look forward to it.

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