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Editorial 2008

EDITORIAL | Issue 2008 | Editors: Ben Goodlett and Anna Walton

Published onJun 30, 2008
Editorial 2008

The past year has been a busy one for IMPULSE. As the Editor-in-Chief, I've enjoyed reviewing the excellent papers that have been submitted, and I had the opportunity to present IMPULSE at its first international conference in Melbourne, Australia. I am also happy to announce that IMPULSE is now listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals. This journal was founded on the idea of open access, and I believe that this is a positive step for IMPULSE. I am also happy to announce that Anna Walton will take over as the fourth Editor-in-Chief. Over the last three years I've had the opportunity to work on IMPULSE. Now I will pass the torch to Anna as I prepare to move on with my academic career.

This unique journal not only exhibits evidence of the intricate work that can be accomplished by undergraduate students—as authors, reviewers and, most importantly, credible scientists—but it also is a symbol of a new generation of international unity. As the rising Editor-in-Chief, I am so proud to represent IMPULSE and all that it encompasses. In addition to Ben Goodlett and Faculty Advisor Leslie Sargent Jones traveling to IBRO in Melbourne, we continue to spread our name to new and seasoned neuroscientists alike at the annual conferences of SYNAPSE and the Society for Neuroscience. The summer of 2008 will find IMPULSE at the 6th annual forum of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies in perhaps the most appropriate location for this international meeting, Geneva, Switzerland. With the dramatic growth that we have encountered due to opportunities like those, we have recently opened a remote location at Middlebury College to be overseen by our new co-Faculty Advisor, Kim Cronise. In its five years of operation, IMPULSE could not have advanced so quickly without the dedication of my predecessors, our advisors, and the rest of our team members. I look forward to working with you all during my next two years as Editor-in-Chief. I would like to begin my tenure by extending both a deep gratitude to anyone whose neurons have fired their own countless impulses for the sake of IMPULSE and a warm welcome to my new colleagues.

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