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Editorial 2012

EDITORIAL | Issue 2012 | Editor: Kate Davison

Published onDec 31, 2012
Editorial 2012

Entering our ninth year of publishing we are looking forward to celebrating our tenth year! This past year has been a year for looking back at how far the journal has come. After becoming Editor-in-Chief and training under Katie McCellan, I had the opportunity to represent IMPULSE at the International Brain Research Organization meeting in Florence, Italy, in July, 2011. There we reached many new people, including the 12 exceptional high school students participating in the International Brain Bee Competition, and let them know that we were looking forward to hearing from them when they continued into their collegiate careers. IMPULSE students also attended Neuroscience 2011, including two members from University of the Free State, Marizna Barkhuizen, our departing UFS Associate Editor, and Inge Seale, the incoming Associate Editor. We were all excited to meet them and exchange information about our cultures and connect over the similarities in embarking on a career in science regardless of your location. Meeting and sharing information with students from all around the world has always been one of our main goals; IMPULSE plays an important role by connecting students and teachers across cultures and creating a richer environment for all. In 2012 we will continue this tradition with Meghan Kusper, our Managing Editor, attending the Federation of European Neurosciences Societies Forum in Barcelona, students from multiple Reviewer Training Sites attending SYNAPSE at the University of South Carolina, as well as the Society for Neuroscience Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, in October. It is amazing that from beginning as an online journal housed at one university we now have a presence at numerous universities and students who attend national and international meetings to represent undergraduate research and publishing from around the world. I will continue as Editor-in-Chief until the 2013 edition and I couldn't be more proud to be working on IMPULSE.

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