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Editorial 2015

EDITORIAL | Issue 2015 | Editors: Dana Cobb and Kyle Sasser, Appalachian State University

Published onJan 31, 2015
Editorial 2015

As I move into the position of Editor-in-Chief, I am hopeful for the future of the journal. We recently conducted a study among past reviewers, authors, and editors of the journal to gauge the effects that involvement with IMPULSE has demonstrated on their academic and professional careers. Most agreed that participation improved both their writing and research competency.

IMPULSE is clearly an effective educational establishment, and I look to extend the journal’s reach throughout my service as Editor-in-Chief. By working closely with our Publicity Editor, and attending IBRO 2015 in Brazil, I aim to garner more international interest and participation in the journal. I also intend to shorten the turn-around time on manuscript submissions by making the review process more efficient. Let us continue to move forward.

Kyle Sasser

The last year at IMPULSE was exciting--we traveled to numerous conferences, both nationally and internationally, and we added several new Reviewer Training Sites. As I leave my position as Editor-in-Chief, I am grateful for having participated in IMPULSE as it has provided me, and many other students, with the unparalleled opportunity to publish original research at the undergraduate level. Further, the pedagogical value of IMPULSE, the ability to learn how the scientific writing and publication process works, is invaluable. As I pass the reins on the Kyle Sasser, I look forward to watching IMPULSE continue to grow and foster scientific minds in universities around the world.

Dana Cobb

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