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Editorial 2018

EDITORIAL | Issue 2018 | Editor: Charles Fennell, Appalachian State University

Published onJan 26, 2018
Editorial 2018


This past year at IMPULSE was an especially productive and exciting time for our journal -- we published an unprecedented number of undergraduate articles and welcomed the addition of two new Reviewer Training Sites, Truman State University and High Point University. Additionally, our team traveled to both regional and national conferences, and we continued the legacy of Faculty Advisor Emerita, Dr. Leslie S. Jones, with the support of our new Faculty Advisor, Dr. Mark C. Zrull. This past year, we gained greater recognition as an outlet for publishing undergraduate research and providing undergraduates with authentic peer-reviewing experience. Serving as a member of the IMPULSE team has been an immensely fulfilling honor. As I step down from the position of Editor-in-Chief, I am grateful for the invaluable leadership experience that I gained in this capacity. The skills I have fostered during my time at IMPULSE, including writing, editing, and communicating with others, will effectively serve me throughout my professional career. In reflection of this past year, I am appreciative to have worked with IMPULSE during an especially fruitful time in its history, and I am excited to pass the torch to the incoming Editor-in-Chief, Charles Fennell, as he continues this momentum into the upcoming year.


Entering the Journal’s 16th year I am more than excited to occupy the role of Editor-in-Chief and continue the work done by my predecessors with our new editorial staff. I look forward to expanding our reach as an undergraduate journal by attending SYNAPSE in High Point, NC and the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, CA in order to show others what the journal has accomplished and invite them to be a part of something great. Impulse has continued to grow internationally with the addition of global peer reviewers throughout the year and I expect for this growth to continue along with our international presence. In my previous work as both an associate editor and an executive associate editor for this journal, I have seen a profound change in my communication skills and understanding of scientific literature. Having the opportunity to direct this journal, and further my transformative growth, as Editor-in-Chief is an honor. Working closely with IMPULSE’s graduate advisor, Dr. Mark C. Zrull, I hope to quickly adapt to my new role and serve the journal well.

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