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Editorial 2019

EDITORIAL | Issue 2019 | Editor: Charles Fennell, Appalachian State University

Published onJan 31, 2019
Editorial 2019

I am proud of what our team at IMPULSE has accomplished through this past year. Previous editorial teams have strove to establish relationships with universities outside of our peer reviewer training sites. The exposure our journal has received from these relationships have helped us to fortify our position in the undergraduate neuroscience community by supplying us with a steady stream of manuscripts to review. As a result, we have nearly doubled the average number of submissions we have been able to publish since 2016. While this marks IMPULSE’s 17th year, our focus has only sharpened. I am grateful to continue in the role of Editor-in-Chief and work to expand our reach. This fall I will be attending the 49th annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago, IL in hopes to invite more undergraduates into our fold. IMPULSE has continued to increase our numbers as we add individual satellite reviewers to our existing reviewer training sites. As IMPULSE increases in size, we hope to increase in importance, and in opportunity as well. We plan to serve the undergraduate neuroscience community as well as it has served us. It is an honor to continue my development alongside this journal.

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