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Editorial 2020

EDITORIAL | Issue 2020 | Editors: Charles Fennell (Outgoing) and Charlotte Godfrey (Incoming), Appalachian State University

Published onJan 31, 2020
Editorial 2020

Goodbye: Charles Fennell

2020 was a unique year. We at IMPULSE weren’t afforded with the same opportunities we took for granted years before, but nonetheless, experienced success. I have been with IMPULSE in some capacity since the very start of my collegiate career. Working with, and learning from, my predecessors in the Editor-in-Chief role has gifted me with many valuable memories. Many thanks to Dr. Mark C. Zrull and Leslie S. Jones for granting me with this space. The exposure I have gotten from my years of involvement and the lessons this journal has taught me will live on within me for as long as I continue down this path of academia.

I have full confidence in Charlotte Godfrey. A brilliant Executive Editor, with the flexibility and competence to tackle any challenge the journal could be presented with. The journal will rest in a good place for as long as it is in her hands. With Dr. Mark C. Zrull’s experience and guidance, the future of the journal is bright.

Hello: Charlotte Godfrey

While not an ideal year, 2020 still brought us many joys here at IMPULSE. It has been a wonderful journey working as executive editor these past few years, one filled with learning from both my peers on the editorial team and from those who have published with us. I am constantly enamored with the brilliance that comes through in our undergraduate publications, and can’t wait to continue to see you all shine during my term as editor-in-chief. This journal has gifted me with an abundance of knowledge and opportunities, and I can only hope to fill the footsteps left by our previous editor-in-chief, Charles Fennell. I would like to issue special thanks to Dr. Mark Zrull, who carries this journal on his back as a mark of his immense passion for undergraduate research. Looking forward to a great year of neuroscientific exploration in 2021!

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