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Editorial 2021

EDITORIAL | Issue 2021 | Editors: Charlotte Godfrey (Outgoing) and Kate Geisinger (Incoming), Appalachian State University

Published onJan 31, 2021
Editorial 2021

Goodbye: Charlotte Godfrey

This past year working as editor-in-chief has been the perfect conclusion to my term with the editorial board. It has been inspiring to see science and academia adjust to a changed world through the publications submitted from undergraduate students around the world. This past year, my work with Impulse has reminded me of the perseverance and resilience of young scientists. At the same time, it has reminded me of the beauty that can appear from otherwise difficult situations. In this case, that beauty is seen through excellence in science from undergraduates. This journal has allowed me to grow as a scientist and a writer, and inspired me to continue work in scientific writing. I would like to thank Dr. Mark Zrull, Charles Fennel, and Kate Geisinger for their commitment to the missions of Impulse. I an excited to see this journal continue to excel during the term of the incoming editor-in-chief, Kate Geisinger. I am confident that Kate will lead this journal forward with passion and pride.

Hello: Kate Geisinger

I will forever be amazed by the scientific community and its perseverance; Coming out of an unprecedented and difficult year has been some incredible work from the neuroscience community. 2021 has gifted us with an incredible amount of science exploration and incredible publications here at IMPULSE. I cannot wait to see all the exciting and promising work that comes through our undergraduate publications during my time as editor-in-chief! Being a part of the IMPULSE editorial team thus far in my undergraduate time has brought a multitude of opportunities, for learning and growth. I am forever thankful to our previous editor-in-chief Charlotte Godfrey for not only her phenomenal work for the IMPULSE team but as well as her guidance and teachings while working alongside her. I would also like to thank Dr.Mark Zrull for the dedication and passion he has for undergraduate research and his commitment to teaching what it means to be a good scientist. Here’s to another year of scientific exploration within the neuroscience community, I look forward to the discoveries to come!

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