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Editorial 2023

EDITORIAL | Issue 2023 | Editors: Ava Stoddard (outgoing) and Jacob Clapp (incoming), Appalachian State University

Published onFeb 14, 2023
Editorial 2023

Goodbye: Ava Stoddard

Working as editor-in-chief for Impulse this past year has been an invaluable experience and I am so very thankful for the amazing editorial team we have. Being a part of Impulse has provided me with a unique advantage in learning the manuscript submission, peer review, editing, and publication process. Being a witness to the incredible research being done by my peers has provided me with a constant avenue of inspiration that has sustained me through my undergraduate career. I am so thankful for the ability to fill this role and have a front row seat to the publication process. Impulse, a journal for undergraduate research, is only possible, however, due to the tireless work and guidance of Dr. Zrull. I am excited to watch Impulse grow and continue to publish the work of driven and dedicated students. Additionally, it is an honor to pass this role to Jacob Clapp, whom I have full faith will be an excellent editor-in-chief, as he has been in his previous roles with Impulse. Thank you to the students and faculty who comprise our editorial team and review teams, and to all those who continue to support Impulse through the submission of their neuroscience literature.

Hello: Jacob Clapp

It’s such a fantastic opportunity to be shifting to the editor-in-chief position following my time as the executive editor! IMPULSE has provided me with countless unique learning opportunities, chances to team-build, and exposure to new and exciting neuroscience research. With IMPULSE in its 21st year of publication, it’s an honor to be able to further contribute to this journal, which has lent many undergraduate neuroscience researchers a much needed voice. I’m so very thankful for our previous editor-in-chief, Ava Stoddard, for dedicating so much time and effort to IMPULSE, and for providing me with a strong foundation to move onto. I would also like to give massive thanks to our faculty advisor, Dr. Mark Zrull, whose knowledge and devotion to undergraduate research has made this venture possible. With this, and an amazing editorial team, I look forward to seeing all of the exciting neuroscience findings coming to us in 2023!

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