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Editorial 2024

EDITORIAL | Issue 2024 | Editors: Jacob Clapp (outgoing), Jana McManus and Rylee Souders (incoming), Appalachian State University

Published onJan 16, 2024
Editorial 2024

Goodbye: Jacob Clapp

My time as the editor-in-chief with IMPULSE has been immensely rewarding. Working with so many inspirational young authors and reviewers has made my final year of undergraduate studies something truly special. Continuously trying to improve IMPULSE with my fellow executive editors, while corresponding with many bright minds interested in publication, has been a truly unique opportunity that I’ll forever cherish while moving onward in academia. The chance to be personally involved with nearly every role in IMPULSE has been endlessly educational; I’m so very thankful for both Dr. Zrull and all other contributors to IMPULSE for making such a wonderful venture possible. Working with our many submitting authors these past couple of years has exposed me to a level of high-quality undergraduate scholarship previously unbeknownst to me. It’s been my great honor to act as the editor-in-chief for IMPULSE throughout 2023, and I cannot wait to see what new heights the incumbent staff and future submitting authors can elevate this journal to. I have the utmost confidence in our two upcoming editors-in-chief, Jana McManus and Rylee Souders. I’ve worked with both Jana and Rylee for roughly two years now and watched them both excel in everything they have taken on with IMPULSE. It will be quite exciting to see future research through IMPULSE with them at the helm. Finally, a massive thank you to all of our dedicated peer reviewers, associate editors, executive editors, and of course, all of our authors who make this journal possible through their submitted neuroscience research. 

Hello: Jana McManus 

I am very excited for the opportunity to take on the Editor-in-Chief position this year with Rylee while still carrying out my duties as managing editor. Spending the past two years as a part of the IMPULSE team has given me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of research and understand the entire process of publication. I am always thankful for the hard work from the authors who put so much effort into furthering undergraduate neuroscience research and to everyone who helps in the revision and publication process. I would also like to thank Dr. Mark Zrull, our faculty advisor, for all of his hard work, dedication and for helping the journal reach its 22nd year of publication. I feel confident moving into this role as our previous editor-in-chief, Jacob Clapp, has laid the groundwork for Rylee and I and has given us the knowledge to excel in this position. I am honored to take on this position with an amazing team and can’t wait to see what is to come for IMPULSE!

Hello: Rylee Souders 

I am beyond excited for the opportunity to continue working with IMPULSE and moving into the position of Editor-in-Chief. I am further delighted to know I will be sharing this position with Jana McManus, whom I have had the privilege to work with for roughly two years now in this journal. I would like to thank Jacob Clapp, our previous Editor-in-Chief, for guiding me throughout every position I have taken on. He has been an incredible mentor and has left an impactful experience for me. I look forward to stepping up and becoming a leader for those joining this team and further seeing what remarkable research will be conducted in this upcoming year.

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